Pack one (carry-on) bag, and #justgetdressed

looking GREAT on your next vacation!

Don't let the overwhelm and confusion of "what to pack?" and
"what to wear?" get in the way of your next vacation.

Hi, I'm Beth. 

Think of me as your (non-judgemental but firm;) girlfriend, helping you pack, telling you what to take, and what to leave at home.

I'm giving you a list and a plan for your packing, just like I do with your seasonal wardrobe.

And I'm asking the tough questions, like "how many different ways can you wear that piece?"

Imagine getting packed simply and easily in one carry-on, with pieces and outfit templates that make you look and feel modern, hip, and fresh.

Your vacation just got even better.


Yes, you can pack less "stuff" & have more style.


Pack for your next warm-weather vacation –- like a pro!



How the vacation packing guide will help you

What You Get:


A guide for creating your very own Warm Weather Vacation Capsule, using my specific list of suggestions and recommended items in the clickable catalog. As always, you'll shop your closet first for these items, and you may find many or most of them are already there!


16 Vacation Outfit Templates designed from the capsule for 7-8 days of vacation. Because the templates are so flexible, and the pieces you bring are all versatile, (and logical) - the number of outfits options much, much greater.


Outfit Categories include the following occasions:
Travel, Pool/Beach, Lunch, Excursions, Sight-Seeing, Shopping, Exercise, Brunch, Yoga, Nights Out, and more! All the looks are flexible to your needs...just plug & play, and #justgetdressed.

Just $27

My 1:1 clients pay over $100, so this planner is a STEAL!


This is the perfect companion to the Style System Planner...and an important step in building a functional, fabulous wardrobe.



​Pack your bag with a logical (and stylish) plan , bringing versatile, multi-functional, modern and beautiful pieces that all mix and match..




Hate bathing suit shopping? I've done it for you with shopping recommendations to suit various body types and style so you can try on in the comfort of home, and return what doesn't work.



A done-for-you outfit planner for vacation so you can focus on having FUN and not on "what should I wear??

How does it work?


Download the Vacation Packing and Outfit guide. You may choose to print it out to have in your bag with you if you wish.


Using the Vacation Capsule Packing Checklist, go to your closet and find the items on the list and pull out the indicated quantities for each item.


Fill in what's missing using the clickable shopping catalog with recommended items, or take the list to your favorite retailer.


Once you have you Vacation Capsule created, use the step-by-step packing guide to organize and pack in a proven effective way, guaranteeing you'll have what you need.


Head to the airport or on your road trip confident that you are prepared and ready to #justgetdressed and have a great time!





WHat clients are saying:

Beth helped me pack for my anniversary trip with my husband and I loved every single minute of our time. There is nothing better than shopping your own closet, but I couldn’t possibly do it without you! I loved all of my outfits for the trip and can’t believe that I only had to buy a few things to fill in. I was certain that I would need three new dresses when really, I only need one. I loved my outfits, I felt great, and had everything I needed in one carry-on bag. Thank you, Beth!

~Anne T.

I had 2 weeks to prepare for a last-minute invitation on a 12-day Cape Town-to-safari-to-Amsterdam trip. I had a jumble of functional items that would see me through different seasons, time zones, temperatures, and vibes…but I was already bored with my wardrobe and I hadn’t even left home! So, I asked Beth from B.Styled if she could just help me add a pop of color.

In under two hours, she gave me a lot more than color. Beth transformed my choices (and me!). It might have been the martini, but... She saw outfits and combinations that I never would. She added fashion to my function. I’m amazed that I can use the same foundational pieces for my city wear and the safari…and, with different accessories, shoes, and layers I’ll be chic in the cities and blend in the bush. Now I’m packed in a carry-on with half the heft and twice the trend. Bored no more. My favorite tip from Beth? I can wear my swim cover-up as a tunic over jeans, and I bet not even my travel partner will notice I’ve double-dipped.

~Julie M.